Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday went to penang for my checkup..
You people sure are wondering why i flew all the way from jb to penang just to do my braces..
It's just this simple..
Cause last 2years ago..
I went to Holiday Plaza for my braces..
The stupid实习dentist pulled my teeth until出浓..
So my dad and my uncle were fed up..
So they transfer me to penang~~ =)
So went to Shangri La Hotel for my dinner..
Cause it's buffet..
But it cost RM100++ per person..
Damn Expensive.. Lol~~~
Didnt ate much coz abit full..
So went to the toilet with my sister and cousin to take photos..
Hahahahaha XD
Took lots of photos~~~
Last but not least.. My pheonix tattoo~~
Love it!!

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