Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So now I'm officially 21 years old now..
Time really flies..
Just one blink and i'm already 21..
Alot of things happened through this years..
My relationships my Families my friends my Sista's..
I even have a Child of my own now..
I'm already a Mom..
3 wishes for me this year too...
1. I wish that my Family Sista's and friends that i care most stay healthy and happy always...
2. Hope that my career will 步步高升.. Lol.. Money come don't want money to go.. Haha..
3. Shhh* It's a secret i never tell.. Lips Zipped.. ^^
I want to Thank everybody from my Facebook who wishes me Happy Birthday..
Thanks for all the wishes..
To those who i don't even know..
Thanks to all of you too...
I saw my Facebook Notifications..
There's like a few thousand people wishes my Happy Birthday..
I was Like Wow~!! (O0O") This Face..
Too many already...
And i want to Thank my BaoBei展翔..
Thank you for keep my company for this few months..
I really appreciate everything what you have done for me..
Taking care of me..
Keep nagging me to don't skip my meals..
Nag me to save money stop spending on clothes & shoes..
I really do Love You my Baby^^ Muacks...
And Thank you Baby for the really BIG Birthday Present..
He bought a Very Very BIG Penguin for me..
I really do Love Penguin alot.. And I mean REALLY..
Totally LOVE it...
I'll post the photo tomorrow..
Cause i'm using my Desktop now..
The photos are in my Lappy..
Anyway i really enjoyed my 21st Birthday..
Thanks everybody ^^
Lots of Love.. Muacks... ^^

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