Monday, January 18, 2010

一个字 " 闷 "

I'm back again~
Deleted the old blog and created a new one..
I've really got nothing to do and since i'm so FREE in the office..
So i started to BLOG again..
Oh My God~
It's boring and there's no customer..
Waiting for DC to reply my msgs but i think his busy or sleeping~
I've been smsing him for 2 weeks already..
Chatting with him taking on the phone~
Blah everything i guess.. Haaa~~
And i'm giving birth next month already..
Fast right?? I know ^^
My uncle still haven't check what name to give her..
Which date i have to do operation also..
Mostly is before CNY lar..
Cause it's tiger year..
They say not good plus my baby is a girl..
So not really very good for her..
Hahaha =)
I think that's all for now first..
I'll blog again when i have nothing to do..

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