Thursday, January 21, 2010


Just now a customer came in and wanted to buy aircond..
She's really pretty...
She bought her aircond thou..
She's Fair and thin.. Not like me.. Fat and dark.. LOL~~
She stays at molek..
Really really very pretty lar..
Plus i saw her tattoo at the back..
Nice tattoo too..
I want to be like her lar.....
And another customer very funny...
Haaaa =)
He push the trolley out coz nid to put his compressor in his car..
Normally nid the back of the trolley to go down 1st..
He just straight push down..
Then his compressor all drop down..
I keep laughing only..
And his boss is my friend.. LOL~
Plays facebook too..
Muahahahahaha =)
( Too boring edi so i blog about my customers..)

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