Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shit Airasia

I've reached Penang already..
Stupid flight got delayed..
Shit Airasia..
Everytime delay flights wan..
Dont know how many times already..
Still dare to say delay 1hour never inform..
Shit lar..
10:20pm flight delay to 11:20pm..
Reached there damn early some more..
Nothing to do, no place to go..
I just can carry Scarlet walk here walk there only..
Change diapers for her some more..
I'm a good mother..
Muahahahaha XD
Baby 你很乖啊..
Plane flying u never cry..
But when the plane stopped you cried very loud..
Make your mummy malu~~
But anyway..
Mummy Love you lar..
Muacks ^*^

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